Les Mills RPM

RPM® is a high intensity indoor cycling class that drives some serious results.

A combonation of flat riding, hill climbs and sprints paired with motivating music will make you fall in love with RPM®. The addictive workouts will push you to your limits by making your heart rate soar. 

Our trained instructors will push you to your cardio peak before slowly easing you back down. This class is based on the science of Cardio Peak Training, which is essentially a hybrid of steady-state exercise (such as running) and high intensity interval training.

RPM® is ideal for any experience level as your instructor can help you choose a suitable pace and resistance level to suit you.  Burn calories for hours after you finish your workout and reap the numerous health benefits of RPM®. Booking is essential for this class, as well as a $5 fee for Profiles members.


Looking to boost your usual cardio routine? Get your heart beating faster for longer with RPM EXTREME every Monday and Friday at 6 am. That's 60 whole minutes of high intensity interval spin training to find the athlete within, coached by your squad leader Fraser.

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