RPM® is a high intensity indoor cycling class that drives some serious results.

A combination of flat riding, hill climbs and sprints paired with motivating music will make you fall in love with RPM®. The addictive workouts will push you to your limits by making your heart rate soar. We also offer SPRINT® which is a 30 minute high-intensity version of RPM®.

Our trained instructors will push you to your cardio peak before slowly easing you back down. This class is based on the science of Cardio Peak Training, which is essentially a hybrid of steady-state exercise (such as running) and high intensity interval training.

RPM® is ideal for any experience level as your instructor can help you choose a suitable pace and resistance level to suit you.  Burn calories for hours after you finish your workout and reap the numerous health benefits of RPM®. Booking is essential for this class, contact our 1.0 gym for bookings.

All information and images used on this page were gathered from Les Mills at lesmills.co.nz


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