Chest weights machine

Plenty of new equipment has just been added to the floor, so you can target your muscle development.

Profiles has a large open-plan free weight area with dumbbells, machines, cables and benches with both metal and rubber coated plates.

free weights dumbbells


Free weight exercises enable muscles to contract through a fuller range of motion, providing you with an advanced strength workout. Profiles has a wide range of free weight equipment, including dumbbells, metal and rubber coated plates, barbells and kettlebells.


The exercise options are endless with cable machines, allowing you to enhance strength, fitness, and stability all at once. Great for beginners or experienced trainers, cables will help to add muscle and tone up, all while working your core and overall movement skills.


Isolate muscle groups more efficiently with Profiles' extensive range of both plate loaded and weight stack machines. Each piece has been handpicked for its movement, function and quality. Our staff are on hand to help you with the use of our machines.


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