We've got our very own range of classes, some of them you won't find anywhere else.

Our trainers are exclusive to Profiles gym and will push you to your limits!


An athletic whole body workout, designed for all fitness levels-this 45min workout involves cardio machines, functional equipment, and body weight exercises in. circuit style training.

RTB(Raise the bar)

40min High Intensity class focusing on Barbell and Bodyweight movements mixed with small amounts of Cardio


A High Intensity class where we focus on Edurance Stamina and Speed with just enough rests in between but still able to keep the heart rate at a certain level… This class is 30minutes

knock out is high intensity cardio workout at our lake rd gym

High intensity functional fitness class utilising bikes, bags, weights and running circuits that burn some serious calories.

Boxfit is a high intensity cardio workout at our hq gym

Box your way to a fitter, healthier body with our Boxfit trainers. Boxing, cardio and strength training along with partner work and technical movements - this class packs a punch!

shape And tone

Suitable for all fitness levels

This week we focus on low intensity full body movements finishing off with a core circuit. we will be using light - moderate weights

Grow and tone your glutes with booty boutique

Using a combination of polymetric, strength and Pilates training, Booty Boutique is your ultimate glute workout to build a strong, toned bum!


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